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Do we think or do we know? The importance of analytical insight in business | Oneserve


Analytics and business intelligence tools are becoming increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes, and as a result their importance is also growing. That’s why a key feature of Oneserve’s field service management solution is the provision of real time analytical insight into business performance. This blog explores the background, rationale and types of analytics that can help field service organisations predict trends, manage risk and enable fact-based decision-making.

We are living in a new era where speed, innovation, customer satisfaction, talent, brand recognition and knowledge are regarded by most organisations as their most important resources.


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Article on the Oneserve blog on why businesses need to be taking advantage of analytics to improve their performance

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Mark Tincknell appointed as Oneserve Chairman

Oneserve confirmed the appointment of Mark Tincknell as Chairman of the company.

The company, based in Exeter, provides field service management software. Of the appointment, Tincknell said:

“I am excited to be joining Oneserve. The business has the undoubted potential to become a worldwide leader in the development of data led service management software.”

Managing Director Adam Thompson also commented on the appointment, saying:

“Mark has a significant track record in positioning early stage businesses to achieve fast, well-controlled and profitable growth. His experience will be invaluable in helping us achieve our ambitious objectives.”

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